Upgrading your Asus E200HA

The ASUS VivoBook E200HA (click here to see my review of this laptop) is an economy class subnotebook that offers a really great price for the somewhat mediocre hardware. The first thing someone who is interested in this laptop might as is “Can I upgrade this laptop at all?”. The answer is probably somewhat disappointing to most.

The first thing you’re likely to discover is that the RAM in this laptop is completely non-upgradeable. This is really unfortunate, as upgrading the RAM in a laptop is the most sure-fire way to help with performance, of which this little laptop could use A LOT of help based on its somewhat inferior hardware specifications.

Although you cannot upgrade the RAM directly, this laptop DOES have a USB 3.0 port on it. So why would that matter, you’re probably wondering. Well, what I would suggest doing is using an 8gb+ USB memory stick with Windows ReadyBoost. What this does is write swap memory to the USB memory stick rather than the hard drive. Although the hard drive is a fast SSD device, using a USB stick with ReadyBoost will allow your system to access both devices simultaneously to avoid creating a bottleneck on your hard drive. The USB 3.0 port just makes your memory stick that much faster and helps to increase your system performance when you multitask heavily.

Upgrading the measly SSD is also something someone who is interested in this laptop might consider doing. While it is possible, I would only suggest undertaking this task if you have some technical knowledge of upgrading computers. I only say this so you can prevent doing damage to your E200HA. Putting in a 128GB or 256GB SSD in your laptop will allow you to store A LOT more media, making your ASUS laptop a mobile media device that can easily output to your TV via the HDMI port.