Asus F555LA-AB31 Review


The Asus F555LA-AB31 is a mid-level laptop that offers entry-level pricing. While the specs are somewhat “meh” compared to newer laptops, they’re actually quite impressive and functional for the price. Compare this one to any Chromebook (or another subnotebook) and you’ll quickly see that you’re getting a very capable computer for only slightly more than you’d pay for a netbook.

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Asus K501UW-AB78 Review


The Asus K501UW-AB78 is a budget-friendly gaming laptop that features a 6th gen Core i7 processor and discrete NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics for an affordable price. This laptop is super lightweight and portable, weighing in at a meager 4.4 pounds. It has a professional look that you won’t mind taking to the office and a Full HD screen that’s perfect for consuming media. Overall, this laptop offers a lot of value and performance for a reasonable price.

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Asus F556UA-AS54 Review


The Asus F556UA-AS54 is a budget-friendly laptop with a mid-range price point that offers A LOT of modern features like USB 3.1 C, Bluetooth 4.1, SSD storage, and Wireless AC WiFi. The 8 GB of RAM and SSD storage ensures that the operating system and applications will always load quickly and the Full HD display makes it possible to enjoy all of your favorite HD content in all its splendor. Overall this is a very nice laptop for the price.

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Asus ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71 Review

Asus ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71

The Asus ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71 comes with the latest-generation NVIDIA GT 1060 6GB Graphics card, Intel Core 2.6 GHz processor, 16GB RAM, powerful battery, 17.3 display screen with 160-degree viewing angles, thermal module and cooling fans for increases CPU and GPU Performance, and an HMDI Port, headphone-out jack, and Bluetooth.

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Asus X540LA-SI30205P Review


The Asus X540LA-SI30205P is a nice entry-level laptop that delivers a moderate amount of computing power for a very reasonable price. It has a 5th Gen Core i3 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of storage. Overall this laptop would make a very economical choice for a student or a nice laptop to do web browsing, use office apps, or other minor tasks for anyone.

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