AOC U3477PQU Review


The AOC U3477PQU is an ultrawide QHD monitor that offers a lot of great features, although it has received somewhat questionable customer reviews in the past. It has a 3440×1440 pixel resolution and offers niceties such as an ergonomic stand and USB quick charge power station. It also features loads of connectivity such as VGA, DVI, HDMI (with MHL), and DisplayPort connections. This is a really nice monitor overall, however, I urge you to read the customer reviews before making your final decision.

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LG 34UM64-P Review

LG 34UM64-P

The LG 34UM64-P is a capable mid-range ultra-wide 34 inch IPS monitor that offers a lot of value. It’s somewhat of an underdog in the monitor world and has largely gone unnoticed by the masses. Those who have owned it will testify to the quality of this product, although they appear to be few and far between. This monitor is bright, has a lot of contrast and a 5 ms response time that puts it among some of the best in this price range. This is definitely a monitor worth checking out, especially if you can find it at a discount.

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LG 34UM88-P Review

LG 34UM88-P

The LG 34UM88-P is a 34 inch IPS LED ultra-wide QHD monitor that has a lot of impressive features. The QHD resolution brings this monitor in at 3440×1440 pixels. The IPS display covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut, providing ultra-realistic images through a wider variety of colors. The two Thunderbolt ports allow you to quickly connect multiple devices and the USB quick-charging ports allow you to set this up as a charging station on your desk. All that, along with AMD FreeSync compatibility, make this one of the best QHD ultra-wide panels currently available.

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