Asus PB279Q Review

Asus PB279Q

The Asus PB279Q is a professional grade 4K UHD monitor that is perfect for any digital professional or uncompromising individual. It has a full 3840×2160 resolution along with a color gamut that covers 100% of the sRGB spectrum. The 27 inch size is nice and big without taking up your entire desk or forcing you to sit three feet away like some of the larger UHD monitor offerings. Overall it’s a very nice monitor from one of the best monitor manufacturers in the industry.

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BenQ BL2711U Review

BenQ BL2711U

The BenQ BL2711U is 27 inch 4K UHD monitor that’s perfect for digital professionals. It offers 8 million pixels of resolution along with cover 100% of the sRGB spectrum to provide a display that is as detailed as it is rich with contrast. The CAD and animation modes, along with features like the ergonomic stand, make this monitor a great deal for a digital professional who wants the very best monitor available.

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Samsung S32D850T Review

Samsung S32D850T

The Samsung S32D850T is a 32-inch QHD monitor that is able to represent 100% of the sRGB color space. It has a four-port USB hub with quick-charging built-in along with a really nice ergonomic stand. Most people tend to agree that this monitor is well worth the money, however, some people disagree. I’d highly recommend checking out the customer reviews before making your final decision regarding this monitor.

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Asus PB328Q Review


The Asus PB328Q is a mid-range 32-inch WQHD monitor that offers a lot of value for the price. While it may not be a top of the line gaming monitor, it is certainly much more competent than the average display. The 2560×1440 pixel resolution, along with a mind-boggling 100,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio and 100% sRGB color spectrum coverage give you a really nice picture for a monitor in this price range. I would definitely recommend this monitor to digital professionals and casual gamers, especially used in a multiple-monitor setup.

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