Samsung S27D590P Review


This Samsung S27D590P review will focus on the features and specifications of this 27 inch Full HD monitor. Some of the features include mega dynamic contrast ratio, magic upscale technology, and the dual HDMI inputs. This is a rather expensive monitor, although it’s made by a top-notch manufacturer and has already received many positive reviews and ratings around the internet.

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Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio

The Samsung S27D590P offers an outstanding range of colors with bright whites and rich, dark blacks through their Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio technology. More contrast equals more colors equals more realism and this monitor definitely delivers in that department. Dark blacks also give you a competitive advantage in gaming when searching for opponents in dark places.

Magic Upscale Technology

This monitor is Full HD at 1920×1080 pixels but features “Magic Upscale Technology”. This technology smooths out lower quality inputs like you might receive from your cell phone or other portable devices. Rather than a pixelated image coming from a low-resolution device, the upscale algorithm produces silky smooth edges creating a much nicer picture.

Dual HDMI Inputs

Two is always better than one, especially when it comes to inputs. This monitor has dual HDMI inputs that can be used to connect more than one device at a time. This is especially helpful if you plan to use your new monitor with your favorite console gaming system.

Full HD Video with HDMI

You can connect any video devices that supports Full HD (1080p) video via either one of the HDMI inputs. Watch Full HD videos at 60Hz including all of the 1080p60Hz video content available on YouTube. Or connect another device like a ChromeCast or a Roku to increase your entertainment options even further.

Audio Out

You can use the audio out to power headphones or connect your monitor to a stereo or PC speakers. You will need to connect something to the audio out port when using the HDMI inputs. If you don’t you won’t be able to hear the audio stream from the HDMI connection.

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Features and Specifications

  • Breakthrough picture quality with Magic Upscale Technology
  • Glossy black design
  • Watch full HD Video with HDMI
  • Audio Out
  • 2 HDMI Inputs

Customer Reviews

The Samsung S27D590P has already received many reviews and ratings around the internet. Amazon alone has over 200 customer ratings, most of which are extremely positive. However, it’s important to note that there are quite a few critical reviews that pointed out some of the shortcomings of this display.

After you finish this Samsung S27D590P review, I highly recommend you follow the link below and read some of the negative customer reviews left for this monitor before making your final decision.

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