Planar UR8450-MX Review

Planar UR8450-MX

The Planar UR8450-MX is one of the biggest 4K UHD TVs currently available. Measuring in at a staggering 84 inches diagonal it’s an extremely large TV that is surprisingly slim at just 3 inches thick. Once you start getting up into TV sizes of over 84 inches having UHD 3840×2160 resolution means so much more. You can step right up to this gigantic TV and stand just a few feet away without noticing any pixels on the screen. The clarity is simply unbelievable.

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84″ LCD TV

Ok, this thing is ridiculously huge. Not exactly the type of TV you might have in your home, but if you do, I don’t judge you. This type of television would work great for conference rooms or even home theaters with rows and rows of seating. You won’t believe how big it really is until you stand in front of it. It’s quite impressive.

Ultra High Definition Resolution

The TV has a native resolution of 3840×2160 that puts it in the category of UHD 4K monitors. 4K monitors have over 8 million pixels and have four times as many pixels as a full HD 1920×1080 display.

Touch and 2D/3D models available

You can even find this behemoth in touchscreen and 3D versions. Talk about intense 3D action! Touchscreen would definitely be nice for giving presentations. I just can’t imagine how much those models would cost.

Super Slim

This TV is 84 inches across and only three inches thick. Three inches would be pretty thick for an edge-lit LED TV but this is 84 inches of power we’re talking about. That mere 3 inches will seem like nothing compared to the size (and weight) of this TV. It’s very low profile so you can fit it in tight spaces.

Energy Sipping LED Lighting

This TV uses the latest LED backlighting technology to provide a super huge TV that’s also energy efficient. I don’t know how watching 84 inches of TV is good for the environment, but somehow Planar pulled it off.

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Features and Specifications

  • 84″ Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution displays
  • Touch and 2D/3D models available
  • Ultra-slim profile (~3″ when mounted)
  • Power supply failover feature for added reliability
  • Energy-saving LED backlight technology

Brand Name Planar
Item model number UR8450-MX
Product Dimensions 3.2 x 75.5 x 43.7 inches

Customer Reviews

This TV has several glowing reviews on Amazon, although it’s unclear as to whether or not they’re actually customers. Check out the reviews in the link below to see what I mean. Some of the comments are really funny. 🙂

See what REAL customers have to say

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