LG 34UM88-P Review

LG 34UM88-P

The LG 34UM88-P is a 34 inch IPS LED ultra-wide QHD monitor that has a lot of impressive features. The QHD resolution brings this monitor in at 3440×1440 pixels. The IPS display covers 99% of the sRGB color gamut, providing ultra-realistic images through a wider variety of colors. The two Thunderbolt ports allow you to quickly connect multiple devices and the USB quick-charging ports allow you to set this up as a charging station on your desk. All that, along with AMD FreeSync compatibility, make this one of the best QHD ultra-wide panels currently available.

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21:9 Ultra Wide QHD

This monitor is over 30% wider than a comparable model of the same height. More width equals more immersion in games and more room on your desktop to get down to business. The QHD stands for “quad-HD” which is a little misleading. It does have four times the resolution of Full HD, but 720p HD. This is NOT to be confused with 4K or UHD which is actually four times the resolution of 1080p. In terms of resolution, QHD monitors sit comfortable between 1080p and 4K UHD. I personally prefer the ultra-wide configuration to a curved screen, especially a standard 16:9 curved widescreen. It’s something you simply must experience to understand.

Over 99% sRGB Color Gamut

Color gamut is really becoming a hot topic in the monitor industry as new technology continues to evolve and innovate. 99% sRGB essentially means that this monitor is physically capable of visually representing 99% of the colors available in that spectrum. This means that it is able to hit the high notes as well as the low notes, in terms of bright and dark colors. This not only looks great, it also helps to improve the realism of any image being displayed. To me, the color gamut is even more important than resolution. You could have a super-sharp picture but if the colors don’t look right nothing else will.

Thunderbolt 2.0 (x2)

Having two Thunderbolt ports means you can easily daisy-chain your monitors and other Thunderbolt devices together without a hub or special cabling. I look forward to a future where all devices are either Thunderbolt, USB or whatever the winning standard happens to be. The original USB standard took great leaps forward in providing cross-platform compatibility and functionality, yet lacked the bandwidth to handle things like multiple monitors. The new technologies being ushered in (like Thunderbolt and USB 3.1) have been redesigned to make it possible to connect any device you like to them. One of the most interesting applications I have seen using this technology was a closet full of rack-mounted PCs that connected to monitors and input devices in another room. This allows for a more terminal-like setup and completely eliminates heat and noise issues.

USB Quick Charge

This is another trend I hope to see more of in the industry. For most people, their monitor is on their desktop. Their desktop is also where they put their phones, iPods, and other USB devices. Rather than using a standard USB charger and having YET ANOTHER device plugged into the wall, this monitor allows you to charge all of your USB devices using the quick charging ports on the back. Seeing as how the ports are on the back I would recommend getting a USB pigtail extender or just throwing a cheap USB hub onto the monitor for easy access to the ports.

AMD FreeSync

There are two major competing technologies in the industry right now that do essentially the same thing. The first being NVIDIA G-sync and the other being AMD’s FreeSync. These technologies allow a monitor to automatically synchronize with a video card’s refresh rate to eliminate problems like stuttering and tearing. Please note that you WILL need an AMD video card (or APU) to take advantage of this feature, although the monitor will work perfectly well without FreeSync activated.

Adjustable Base

The LG 34UM88-P has an adjustable base that makes it easy to setup the monitor just how you like it. You can slide the display up and down or tilt it in order to get the best view possible. This isn’t the best base I’ve ever seen a monitor, although it’s certainly better than displays with a fixed base that offers you no flexibility whatsoever.

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Features and Specifications

  • 21:9 Ultra Wide QHD IPS Display
  • sRGB Over 99%
  • Thunderbolt 2.0 (x2)
  • USB Quick Charge
  • On-Screen Control

Customer Reviews

The LG 34UM88-P has yet to receive a lot of customer reviews on the online mega-retailer Amazon, however, those who have reviewed it so far have good things to say about it.

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