LG 34UM65 Review

LG 34UM65

The LG 34UM65 is an ultrawide full HD monitor that we found worthy of reviewing. This monitor is huge, has lots of connectivity, built-in speakers, and also has a very affordable price tag. LG has long been a favorite in the TV and monitor industry providing quality panels at an affordable price. This monitor is definitely not an exception and worth considering in the 30+ inch ultrawide monitor category.

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UltraWide Screen for Additional Desktop Space

Of course, the main reason why you would want to purchase an ultrawide monitor is the additional real estate you gain for multitasking. Digital professionals, students, and gamers alike can appreciate the extended horizontal view that an ultrawide monitor like this can provide. The only downside is that this monitor is an absolute monitor, taking up a large amount of physical real estate on your desk.

Full HD on a Widescreen (WFHD)

The 2560×1080 pixels resolution of this monitor is basically like taking a regular Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) monitor and extending it outward. You will have plenty of resolution for digital photography, video editing, producing music and more. The only part that will be a little awkward is watching Full HD video on this monitor as it creates black backs on each side of the screen.

Monitor Two Devices Simultaneously

The Dual-Link functionality of this monitor will allow you to view two separate inputs simultaneously. This is great if you have two computers you’d like to connect or want to connect a game console and play it while you monitor stock quotes. An ultrawide monitor is a perfect candidate for multiple inputs because the much wider display can handle it.

Works with Nearly Any Device

This is a modern monitor that offers connectivity to almost any device, old or new. Choose from HDMI, DisplayPort, or DVI to connect your favorite devices. The DVI port can also be converted to VGA with an adapter to support legacy devices and older video cards. There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues with this model.

Integrated Speakers

What good is an HDMI port if you can’t listen to the streaming audio input? This monitor has rather impressive 7-watt speakers you can use to watch movies, play games or even listen to music. While 7 watts might not sound like a lot, it’s about twice as much power as you find in most monitor speakers.

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Features and Specifications

  • UltraWide format provides additional real estate for you to multitask or watch multiple inputs at once.
  • WFHD (2560×1080) resolution provides the additional resolution you have been looking for.
  • Dual-link fuctionality allows you to view two separate inputs at the same time.
  • HDMI, Display Port and DVI inputs allow you to connect to all your devices.
  • The gorgeous Cinema Screen design with integrated 7W speakers look stunning on or off.

Customer Reviews

The LG 34UM65 has received stellar customer reviews on sites like Amazon with a majority of people leaving positive reviews for this model. However, there are a few issues you may want to consider before purchasing this monitor.

I recommend that you do your homework and check out all of the customer reviews available before pulling the trigger on any product. You can find them by following the link below.

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