LG 29UM68-P Review

LG 29UM68-P

The LG 29UM68-P is a 29 inch Full HD Ultra-Wide IPS monitor from LG. Although it is somewhat lacking in resolution, it more than makes up for it with stunning, realistic colors and gaming features. FreeSync compatibility, along with Black Stabilizer mode, makes this a top-notch monitor for gaming enthusiasts and digital artists alike. I really like this monitor based on price alone and I think that you will too.

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21:9 Ultra-Wide Full HD

This monitor features an ultra-wide aspect ratio that I’ve become a huge fan of. When it comes to immersion in gaming, what do you think is more important: a wider view of a slight curve in the display? My money is on a wider view every time. Not only does this improve immersion in gaming, it also gives you more space to handle projects. This display is perfect for web developers, photographers, video editors, graphic artists, music producers and digital artists of every other variety. The additional width is almost like having an additional half of a monitor to work on. If you get two of these and run them side by side it’s almost equivalent to three traditional 16:9 monitors. I think this is an important point to consider when comparing the value of a monitor. My only complaint is that this monitor has a somewhat lower resolution than I would have liked to see. A large display such as this deserves better than 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Ultra-Wide Display: Ultra-Wide Color Gamut

When it comes to color representation, this display could hardly do better. It is rated at achieving an sRGB color gamut of over 99%. So what’s so special about that? The fact that color gamut isn’t discussed more when it comes to the quality of a monitor is somewhat disappointing. A wide color gamut gives you a much better representation of the original image, as the original artist/designer/programmer had intended it. A wide color gamut also means you get an extended array of your brightest bright and darkest dark colors. This helps greatly to improve the contrast of your screen. What you end up with is a more realistic image across the board.

Split-Screen and PIP

This is where the magic of an ultra-wide screen really comes into play. The split screen and PIP (picture in picture) modes allow you to simultaneously display multiple input sources. What good is having all of that extra screen real estate without being able to use it efficiently? Let’s say you have a wireless camera in your baby’s nursery and want to watch it while you run circles around your competition in your favorite game. You could easily add the wireless camera as a PIP box on your screen and take multi-tasking to the next level.

FreeSync Compatible

This is a feature that should be especially interesting to gamers. FreeSync is a technology that allows your display to dynamically change refresh rates based on the demands of your video processor. This synchronization eliminates problems like stuttering, tearing, and ghosting that are prevalent on traditional displays. If you have an AMD Radeon video card or similar APU, you can take advantage of this feature right out of the box.

Additional Gaming Features

The Black Stabilizer mode is a useful feature that allows you to see quite a bit more detail in the darkest scenes you encounter. Easily sniff out enemies hiding in the dark or navigate through blackened space scenarios with ease. Along with FreeSync, this monitor also has a mode called Dynamic Action Sync that does exactly what the name implies: it helps to improve crispness and clarity of images during intense action.

Pros and Cons

If you’re on the fence about buying in to the new ultra-wide standard, you might want to consider the following list of pros and cons. This list is much more about the pros and cons of owning an ultra-wide monitor than this monitor in particular, although some are specifically about this monitor, so keep that in mind.


  • Work Space: This monitor is nearly three feet long. It’s almost like having two traditional monitors on your desktop without the annoying trim in between. If you’re a musician, graphic artist, writer, researcher, video editor or photographer you will certainly be able to appreciate all the extra room that the LG 29UM68-P provides.
  • Ultrawide Movies: Most movies are actually shot in this cinematic ultrawide format. Ever notice how when you watch movies full screen on your widescreen monitor there are black bars on the top and bottom? This monitor will give you the satisfaction of utilizing every last inch of display real estate when you watch movies.
  • Gaming: There’s really nothing more immersive than sitting in front of a gigantic ultrawide screen when you’re playing a game. Many people try to emulate this effect by using two or three individual monitors, but I can tell you right now that it’s not even close to the same experience.


  • Price: New technology and new standards always come with a somewhat inflated price tag. You could easily get just as much desktop real estate with a dual monitor setup and save yourself some money in the process. Of course, I wouldn’t say that having dual monitors is as nice but it would definitely cost less.
  • Black Bars: Unlike movies, most content on the internet coming from places like YouTube will be in the standard 16:9 widescreen format. This means that you will yet again have to deal with black bars surrounding your content, much like people had to deal with when widescreen monitors first came out and 4:3 content dominated television and videos.
  • Desk Hog: Once you unbox this badboy the first thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s much bigger than you had anticipated. This thing is almost three feet long. It is an absolute desk hog. It’s important to understand that before you take the plunge.

Save up to 37% when you buy online

Features and Specifications

  • 21:9 UltraWide Full HD IPS Monitor
  • sRGB over 99%
  • Screen Split 2.0 (PIP Mode)
  • Game Mode and Black Stabilizer
  • Onscreen Control

Customer Reviews

The LG 29UM68-P is still relatively new and has yet to rack up a lot of customer reviews on Amazon. As of writing this review, it has received just a handful of review. Out of those reviews, most of the reviewers gave this monitor a positive review. Unfortunately, some did have some gripes with this monitor.

Follow the link placed below to discover what people liked and disliked about this ultra-wide IPS monitor from LG. I guarantee that what they have to say will surprise you as it surprised me.

See what REAL customers have to say

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6 comments on “LG 29UM68-P Review

  1. First off, thank you for this detailed review of the 29um68. After reading your review of this ultrawide LG monitor I decided to pick one up. This thing is an absolute beast. I mean that in terms of its size as well as performance. The contrast and clarity are absolutely amazing. I have it setup with freesync and I’ve really never seen anything like it. Games are so crisp and smooth. I actually like watching movies better on this monitor than my 55″ LCD in the living room so I got a little subwoofer and put a love seat in my office. 🙂

  2. Hi there. I just bought the 25 inch one as i didn t have the money for the 29. i am a student learning web design and will also use it for gaming. I’ve got a pretty powerful pc (gtx 1060 6gb) and so on, so wanted to but the 29 for gaming and use the other for surfing and other stuff. will my gtx run the 29 inch smoothly on games or even should i consider the 34 inch one?. this seems the best way to use 2 monitor setup in my case.

    • The size of the screen doesn’t matter, the resolution will play a bigger role in FPS and stuff like that. You could drive a 10 foot 4K screen with a GTX 1060 and still have your games be playable. Hope that helps.

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