LG 27MP58VQ-P Review


The LG 27MP58VQ-P is a 27 inch Full HD IPS display that’s extremely affordable as well as loaded with a ton of great features. The On-Screen Control allows you to change settings quickly and easily. The split screen feature allows you to have multiple input sources displayed at the same time, this is great if you have an application like remote video monitoring you’d like to splice into your work space. The built-in black stabilizer means that your displays black levels will always be deep and rich, providing the most lifelike image possible.

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Full HD IPS Display

Once you start moving up into monitors larger than 25 inches it becomes increasingly important to get a display with full HD. 1366×768 simply doesn’t cut it when you’ve got such a large screen. In order to maximize your workspace you NEED those extra pixels to work with. The LG 27MP has the size and the pixel density you need to create a productive work environment or jam on your favorite games.

On-Screen Control

You know you’ve got a higher end model screen when they add on screen controls. These controls are crucial for getting your picture just right. This is especially true when you run a dual monitor setup and want to dial in the screens perfectly. Speaking of dual monitor setup, the LG 27MP58VQ-P would be perfect for running side by side. For less than $400 you could effectively two gigantic 27 inch screens to work with. Tell me that won’t make Brian from accounting jealous!

Split Screen 2.0

This is a really cool feature that I simply love. Two images on the display at the same time means you could have your computer hooked up to this screen at the same time as a video game console. You could be checking your email while you blow people to smithereens in an online battle.

Black Stabilizer

There’s absolutely NOTHING that’s more important to a great picture on an LCD than really great black levels. The black stabilizer built into this LG 27MP ensures that blacks will always be deep and rich and never washed out like on some displays.

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Features and Specifications

  • Full HD IPS Display
  • On-Screen Control
  • Split Screen 2.0
  • Black Stabilizer

Brand Name LG
Item model number 27MP58VQ-P
Item Weight 9.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 25 x 8.1 x 18.5 inches
Screen Size 27 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

Customer Reviews

At the time of creating this review, the LG 27MP58VQ-P had absolutely no reviews on Amazon. While this monitor is certainly becoming quite popular, it has yet to receive any customer reviews. Check the link below to see if any new reviews have been posted since I created this review.

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I hope if this review of the LG 27MP58VQ-P taught you anything is that it’s a really great new product that offers an amazing picture at a super low price. While it may not have any reviews yet, I am quite confident that it will be getting a lot of great reviews in the future based on the features and quality of this product. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone that I know.

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