HP Pavilion 15-BA079DX Review

HP Pavilion 15-BA079DX

The HP Pavilion 15-BA079DX is a mid-range touchscreen laptop that’s not quite a cheap, low-end laptop and not quite a high-performance gaming laptop.

It has a 7th generation quad-core AMD A10-9600P mobile processor with integrated Radeon R5 graphics that provides plenty of power to be productive and play some casual games.

The 6 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage offer ample opportunity for multitasking and storage for lots of videos, pictures, and movies.

The 15.6″ touchscreen at an underwhelming 1366×768 resolution leaves a little to be desired.

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AMD A10-9600P APU

The HP Pavilion 15-BA079DX comes with AMD’s 7th generation A10-9600P APU mobile processor. This APU comes with an integrated Radeon R5 graphics chip that runs at 720Hz and is capable of rendering DirectX 12 media.

While AMD’s mobile processors aren’t as sleek and efficient as Intel’s offerings, they make up for it by packaging a more powerful integrated Radeon GPU. They also offer a nice little price break, often landing in budget-friendly laptops.

Overall this is a fairly nice APU/CPU for a laptop. The quad-core AMD 9600P runs at 2.4 GHz and can shoot up to 3.3 GHz when needed. This is plenty of power for most mobile applications and could potentially be used for a lot of traditional desktop applications as well.

6 GB of RAM

While this is certainly better than 4 GB of RAM, I think it’s also a little bit of a cop out. The system includes one 4 GB chip and one 2 GB chip when it could have almost just as easily included two 4 GB chips to bring the system memory to 8 GB.

Just a few short years ago 4 GB was pretty much the standard for mid to high-end laptops. Since then Windows 10 has been released along with a variety of desktop applications that are more than happy to suck down RAM faster than an alcoholic sucks down drinks at an open bar.

While 6 GB is more than enough for a decent amount of multitasking, I would have really liked to see a little bit more memory on this machine, although 6 GB is pretty good for the price range.

1TB Mechanical Hard Drive

Having a whole TERABYTE of storage is great. The only downside: losing a whole TERABYTE of pictures, videos, and music when your mechanical hard drive dies.

I would have really liked to have at least seen an OPTION for an SSD in this laptop. The mechanical hard drive in this laptop runs at 5400 RPMs which makes it about as slow as any storage device could be on a modern laptop such as this.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some large USB flash drives and do regular backups of your most important files on this laptop. Better yet, get on something like Google Drive and dump all your important documents and files into the cloud.

A Touchy Screen

I’m not the biggest fan of touchscreen laptops, however, I’m sure they are desirable to some people.

My biggest gripe with this laptop is the fact that they included such a mediocre touchscreen panel. The screen is 15.6″ yet they decided to go with a panel that only has a 1366×768 resolution. I think that a large screen, such as this, really deserves a FHD (Full High Defintion) resolution of 1920×1080 to look its best.

Other than that the touchscreen is a nice option for those who have the ability to take advantage of it. I’ll just stick with my touchpad or external USB mouse.

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Features and Specifications

  • AMD A10-9600P accelerated processor,
  • 6GB system memory for dependable multitasking
  • 1TB hard drive for ample file storage space
  • AMD Radeon R5, Built-in stereo speakers
  • 15.6″ touch screen , Weighs 4.72 lbs. and measures 0.9″ thin

Customer Reviews

While the HP Pavilion 15-BA079DX touchscreen laptop has received a lot of favorable reviews online, not everyone has been overwhelmed by happiness with their purchase.

One of the main concerns seems to be the battery life. Take a look at the link below to see what I mean.

See what REAL customers have to say

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