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The Dell S2817Q is a really impressive 28 inch UHD 4K computer monitor that offers some really cool features at a mid-range price. First off, it’s one of the least costly 4K UHD monitors on the market (out of the models you’d actually want to buy). It has a 2ms response time, picture in picture mode and built-in speakers that blow the competition out of the water. And dude.. you’re getting a Dell!

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4K Ultra High Definition Resolution

4K UHD resolution is one of the biggest trends in computers and gaming. A 4K monitor has over 8 million pixels, four times as many pixels as a Full HD 1920×1080 display. The extra resolution gives you A LOT of clarity and an extremely sharp image. The problem with monitors that keep getting bigger and bigger is that 1920×1080 resolution isn’t quite enough when you sit a foot or two away from it. The text and images become a little blocky and grainy. With 4K UHD resolution on a 28-inch screen, you’ll never have to worry about that!

2ms Response Time

Having a screen with a really ridiculously high resolution is great, but if your response time blows you’re still going to end up with blurry images when the action being displayed becomes fast and intense. This monitor has a quite impressive refresh rate of just 2ms. It’s not THE BEST in the industry, however, it’s probably second best. There are screens with 1ms refresh rates (like the Acer XB280HK bprz), but to get one that’s UHD at this size you’re going to pay a few hundred dollars more.

Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture

The coolest feature of this display by far is the picture in picture and picture by picture features. You can connect your phone to the HDMI port with MHL support and put that picture inside of your computer monitor’s display (connected by Display Port) or put the two inputs side by side. You could also use this feature for other applications such as monitoring a security system, baby monitor or another video source.

Insane Speakers

Everyone knows that most monitor speakers BLOW, both literally figuratively. They’re mostly weak little 2watt speakers that sound like your music is coming out of a tin can with a piece of string attached to it. The speakers on this monitor are INSANE.. Like serial killer insane.. Like chew your own face off insane! They’re rated at 9 watts each which sounds weak as hell, but have I mentioned that they’re backed up with a built-in SUBWOOFER? Yeah, this monitor has a freakin subwoofer built-in. Show me another monitor with a subwoofer, I dare you. (Seriously, I’d love to see some more)

Save up to 37% when you buy online

Features and Specifications

  • Experience extraordinary Ultra HD 4K clarity with over 8 million pixels of screen content than Full HD resolution.
  • Enjoy smooth and blur-free images while viewing sports and movies, as well as minimum input lag while playing games with its extremely rapid 2ms panel response time.
  • View content and multi-task from two different sources with Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture features.
  • Powerful dual 9W integrated speakers complete your home theater experience with crisp and rich audio.
  • View content from two different sources simultaneously on one large monitor screen. Simply plug in your MHL compatible tablet / Smartphone via HDMI/MHL and your laptop via DP/mDP.

Customer Reviews

The Dell S2817Q has a lot of customer reviews posted on Amazon as of writing this review. A majority of reviewers gave this monitor a positive review. Most people seem to enjoy it, however, some people have left critical reviews worth reading.

Click the link below to see real customer reviews and see what people love and hate about this monitor.

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