BenQ BL2711U Review

BenQ BL2711U

The BenQ BL2711U is 27 inch 4K UHD monitor that’s perfect for digital professionals. It offers 8 million pixels of resolution along with cover 100% of the sRGB spectrum to provide a display that is as detailed as it is rich with contrast. The CAD and animation modes, along with features like the ergonomic stand, make this monitor a great deal for a digital professional who wants the very best monitor available.

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4K UHD Resolution

This 4K UHD monitor with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution has four times as many pixels as a Full HD monitor at 1920×1080 pixels. The extra pixels give you an unmatched amount of detail and clarity. The additional resolution is perfect for digital artists whether you create animations, edit photos or use CAD software.

100% sRGB

This model covers 100% of the sRGB spectrum and REC 709 color space with 10bit IPS technology. A wider color gamut means more available colors. The more colors a monitor is able to display the more realistic the images appear. While a higher resolution provides increased clarity, the wide color gamut increases the realism and represents more of what the original artist was trying to convey.

CAD/CAM and Animation Modes

If you’re a digital artist who works on very precise projects like CAD and animation you will love the modes offered by this monitor. The CAD mode offers increased contrast on the colored lines that create your work for higher visibility. The animation mode increases contrast and the visibility of dark shadows for a more realistic feel.

PIP and PBP Modes

The PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture By Picture) modes increase your productivity even more. PIP allows you to mix video inputs with one display full screen and the other in a small frame on the same screen. The PBP mode simply puts two video inputs next to each other on the same screen.

Display Pilot software for customized monitor setting

The include Display Pilot software will help you customize your monitor settings even further. If you have very exacting needs you will want a monitor that has extremely granular settings. The Display Pilot software will help you to configure your monitor exactly the way you need it.

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Features and Specifications

  • 27 inch 3840×2160 UHD resolution
  • 100% sRGB and REC 709 color space with 10bits IPS technology
  • CAD/CAM mode and Animation mode enable the detailed and precise design
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) & Picture-by-Picture (PBP) to enhance convenience and productivity
  • Display Pilot software for customized monitor setting

Customer Reviews

The BL2711U by BenQ has received a slew of customer reviews on major online retailers. A majority of those reviews have been positive, although there are some people who are less than impressed with this particular model.

Visit the link below to check out the positive AND negative reviews left for this monitor before making your final decision.

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