Asus E200HA-US01-GD Review

ASUS VivoBook E200HA-US01-GD

The ASUS VivoBook E200HA-US01-GD is an ultra-portable laptop that’s super lightweight and has an incredible battery life. It’s powered by the latest generation of power-sipping Intel Atom processors and comes complete with Windows 10, a year of Office 365 and 32 GB of internal storage. The 802.11ac MIMO WiFi adapter rounds off the hardware profile with a solid wireless interface for making all of those network connections you’re bound to make when using a netbook.

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Ultra-Compact Design

They call it a VivoBook, but we all know it’s really just another netbook. Not that being a netbook is a bad thing, they certainly serve their purpose and their niche. This little laptop has an 11.6″ screen and weighs just over 2 pounds. It’s really compact and portable, perfect for throwing into your backpack or taking on a long flight to watch some movies.

Windows 10

This laptop comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. Yes, that’s right. The latest version of Microsoft’s somewhat bloated operating system on a very limited processor and a limited amount of RAM. If I were to buy a low-end netbook style laptop I would probably opt for a more lightweight operating system, like ChromeOS. The Samsung XE500C13-K01US would probably make a nice choice. But hey, if you really NEED Windows and you really NEED an inexpensive laptop, this VivoBook isn’t a terrible choice.

Office 365

Instead of issuing a lifetime software license, Microsoft has come up with the big idea that maybe their Office suite of products should just be hosted online and to charge everyone a monthly subscription. That’s where Office 365 comes into play. You will get one year of free access to the Microsoft Office apps online although I would recommending migrating to some free office software by the time that year is up.

Intel Quad-Core Atom x5-Z8300 Processor

The Atom processor line is primarily made for one purpose: to be as energy efficient as possible. That’s definitely a huge advantage, especially for a laptop such as this. The downside is that they definitely lack power for performance. This Atom x5-Z8300 processor is a quad-core processor that runs at 1.44 GHz and up to 1.84 GHz in burst mode. I’ve seen this laptop score about a 6200 on Google’s Octane benchmark, comparable to Celeron mobile processor from a year or two ago. In short, this processor is nothing special, although it can certainly handle tasks like browsing the web and watching videos.

32GB eMMC Storage

I really like that the industry as a whole is starting to move to solid-state storage. You only get 32 GB of storage on this laptop, although, like most netbooks, it’s designed mostly to complete simple tasks and use resources online. Of course, you could always attach additional USB storage if you really need more attached storage space.

Full Size Keyboard with Large Smart Gesture Trackpad

The input devices on this laptop are actually fairly nice. The keyboard is a full-size chiclet (island) style keyboard that’s very easy to type on. The large trackpad is multi-touch sensitive, allowing you to do all sorts of neat tricks with your fingers (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Battery Rated for 13 Hours of Video Playback

I think this is by far the most interesting feature of this notebook computer. The fact that they rate the battery based on ACTUAL USAGE instead of just idle time is really refreshing. No one cares how long their computer can sit there doing nothing. How long can it last when it’s actually doing something?! Well, I’ll tell you. It’s about 13 hours while playing a video. Thank you for giving us a rating that’s actually based on reality Asus.

802.11ac with MIMO

Seeing as how this IS a netbook and it IS made for using online, it’s a damn good thing that Asus decided to add a decent WiFi chipset. The 802.11ac WiFi adapter with MIMO is about the fastest you can currently get, assuming you have a matching router that supports 802.11ac with MIMO. Do you really need a lot of internal storage when you can stream media online and store most of your pictures and documents in the cloud? No, not really.

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Features and Specifications

  • 11.6″ ultra-compact design (2.2 lbs) with Windows 10 Pre-installed and 1 year Office 365
  • Fast performance with Intel Quad-Core AtomTM Processor and 32GB eMMC storage
  • Full-size chiclet keyboard with intuitive Smart Gesture input and large trackpad
  • All-day battery, 2Cells 38 Whrs Polymer Battery rated up to 13 hours of video playback
  • 802.11ac WiFi with Multi-user MIMO for the strongest wireless connection

Brand Name Asus
Item model number E200HA-US01-GD
Item Weight 3.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.3 x 0.7 x 7.6 inches
Flash Memory Size 32.0 GB
Screen Size 11.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1366×768 pixels
Processor 1.84 GHz Intel Atom Quad-Core x5 Z8300
Wireless Type 802.11 A/C
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1

Customer Reviews

The ASUS VivoBook E200HA-US01-GD is still a relatively new product on the market. Being so, it has a very limited number of customer reviews published online from reputable sources. Amazon has a handful of reviews at the moment, most of which give this laptop a full 5 out of 5-star rating. However, there is at least one review that gives this laptop the lowest possible rating of 1 out of 5-stars.

Click the link below to see what people have been saying about this laptop so you can decide for yourself.

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